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Thank you for agreeing to send out little hello's in the post: to help people who are struggling with isolation.

Here are the 3 steps to getting started:

  • Ensure you've read this information about the Wave with Words campaign
  • Read the information below and then register by providing the details requested
  • Hit 'Submit'

By registering as a letter writer you are agreeing to the following. As a letter writer, you will be provided with the name, postal address and potentially some personal information of individuals who have requested a letter (or had a letter requested for them). It is vital that we collectively look after this personal information and that you are aware of your responsibilities to help us to achieve this aim.

  • Do not disclose, discuss or share any personal information regarding the individuals you have been asked to write to
  • If you have made a note of any of the info (for example, copying the name and postal address), please ensure the information is destroyed once you have completed and posted your letter. Do not leave the information where it can be viewed by other people
  • If you become aware that any personal information that you have been given to undertake your letter writing role has been lost, stolen, or shared with the wrong person, please ensure that you report this immediately to

Finally, please ensure that the content of the letter(s) you write is not inappropriate or likely to cause offence. If you would like to discuss this further please contact

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